Debts Consolidation Loan

Cleopar One is a debt consolidation loan. It can be used:

  • to consolidate (combine) the installments of previous loans, still in progress
  • or to consolidate, as mentioned before, and have new liquidity. For example: for a total debt for current loans of 100, an amount of, for example, 120 may also be paid. That 20 which advances, the “new liquidity” is made available to the debtor together with the resolution of loan disbursement.

Features of the loan

Features of the loan

Main function amento the grouping of installments, with possible further liquidity, with only one monthly commitment. The advantages are:

  • reduction of the difficulties of managing multiple installments, more finances, bulletins, bureaucracy and related costs
  • lengthening of the duration compared to the old loans, with the result of a “more human” installment.

The maximum amount payable is € 30,000.

Consider, for those who have a total debt greater than this amount, consolidamento that the consolidation can also be only partial: eg. I have 4 installments for a total residual of 38,000 euros? I request a Cleopar One for a maximum of 30,000 euros, and I manage the remaining 8,000 outside this transaction; there is not the total advantage of simplifying all the installments in one, but the number (often only two) and the relative weight is certainly reduced. The loan is paid on the same day by Compass by check or bank transfer, depending on the applicant’s wishes. As always in these cases (not only in relation to Compass) we feel that the day’s delivery is a rare occurrence because the preliminary investigation times are generally longer.

The reimbursement took place with rid, both at the bank and at Poste Italiane. Nothing excludes, however, from choosing a payment with bills, payable at all authorized stores, from post offices to Sisal sales points.

Who can apply loan

Who can apply loan

The loan can be requested first of all by those who have at least one other loan in progress.

For the purposes of feasibility, it is important to request Unica before going into trouble with the loans to be consolidated: if you are a bad payer the loan is very likely to be denied and you will have to resort to other products disbursed through the sale of the fifth or other guarantees accessory.

If the applicant is a foreign citizen, in addition to the personal and income documents that are required of all, it will be necessary to have resided in Italy for at least one year and a regular residence permit.