Bankil and its Project Loan: Up to 15,000 Euros

Bankil and its Project Loan: Up to 15,000 Euros

The Bankil Project Loan plan is a type of personal loans focused on providing amounts of money between 4,000 and 15,000 euros with an APR from 6.12%, which is an interest rate very attractive to the consumer.

It is one of the 2 types of loans or lines that Bankil has in force: Check here all the information

You can apply for the loan to Bankil at zero cost , that is, for the study of whether you approve or not the credit will not charge you anything. It is requested online, without changing banks, quickly and easily.

How to apply for the Bankil Project Loan?

How to apply for the Bankil Project Loan?

The personal loans online of the program Crédito proyecto are processed in three simple steps:

Step 1: Enter the virtual simulator of Bankil by clicking Here . You choose the type of loan you want, you indicate amount of money (For the Bankil project it would be from 4,000 euros to 15,000 euros) and the months in which you want to return it (from 12 months to 72 months) The simulator will show you the rate of return .

Step 2: Filling in the form with your personal and work data. If you wish, you can take out an optional insurance to cover the non-payment in certain situations such as accident, illness, being unemployed.

Step 3: Confirm acceptance: Once the application has been studied if they consider it valid, they will contact you to indicate how to proceed to the acceptance of both parties: Signature of the contract and documentation certifying the data entered in the online form (Photocopy of DNI, photocopy of the first page of your bank card and photocopy of your payroll, unemployment, etc). Once they receive it, they send you the money in less than 24 hours.

Types of projects financed by Bankil with its Project Loan

Types of projects financed by Bankil with its Project Loan

With the title “Credits to finance your project”, Bankil has created a loan for each type of need:

New car loan : The personal car loan is aimed at buying a new car at very similar financial conditions to those of traditional banking with the advantage that it is ordered online and with no commission charged for study or opening. (From a 5.95% APR)

Car loan occasion: They are personal loans to buy used cars from an APR of 6.95%.

Loan reforms in the home: They lend you money with immediate response to defray the expenses of the reform of the house, either to decorate it or to pay the works for improvements in the home. (From a 6.12 APR)

Loan to equip the home: Change furniture or appliances and finance your purchase comfortably is another option you can do with a Project Loan. (From a 9.34 APR)

Motorcycle loan: To buy a new motorcycle or change the one you have, Bankil offers you an interest rate from 6.95% APR.

Loan studies: Pay the tuition of the university or a master for your child now you have it at your fingertips with an APR of 5.07% and no commission or study or opening.

Other types of projects for which you can request a loan to Bankil are: Loan instrument, dental, celebrations, trips.

And if you have a project that does not fit in any of the others you can resort to request a loan within the group of loans for other projects: Where the capital that you can request is up to 15,000 euros (remember that the minimum capital that you have to request to be accepted in your Project Loans program is 4000 euros)

Advantages of the Bankil Project Loan

Advantages of the Bankil Project Loan

Credit project Bankil has similar financial characteristics as personal loans of traditional banking but it differs from them that it has a series of advantages that make them more attractive for the client:

Online loans from home: A questionnaire is requested from home through the completed computer, they are credits with immediate response and once approved you have the money in your checking account in less than 24 hours.

Personalized loans: You are the one who chooses the amount of money you want (between 4000 and 15000 euros) and the return period (between 12 and 72 months) and based on these two criteria, the monthly repayment is fixed.

No study or opening fees: The loan application initiates a feasibility study but that does not commit you to anything and for that study you will not be charged any money, nor will they do so as an opening if you finally hire with them the personal credit.

No need to change banks: For a traditional bank to grant you a personal loan you will be required to open a current account with it, with what that implies, opening commissions, maintenance etc. With Bankil project you will not need it, you can continue to operate with your bank of all life.

What are the requirements they demand for a Project Loan?

What are the requirements they demand for a Project Loan?

It must be borne in mind that the amount of money that will be lent online, through your project loan , is important, even so, the requirements that can be met by any person or professional:

  • Be of age
  • Have in force the DNI or NIE
  • Be a bank account holder

Provide supporting document to have regular income (Payroll, pension or unemployment benefit) In case of being self-employed you will be asked for a photocopy of the Mod. 100 or 130 or 131, IAE, work life report and last payment to Social Security)

Bankil Project Loan and its opinions

Bankil Project Loan and its opinions

The testimonials I have found browsing the internet are positive, claiming that customer service is perfect and that the tax rate or TAE applied is very similar to that applied by traditional banking but with the advantage that is processed online and quickly, not as it happens in the banks where the terms of study are extended in time, and the demand for papers is tremendous.

Conclusions about Bankil and its Credit Project

  • It is the n ° 1 entity in loan concession.
  • They do not charge for making the feasibility study or opening
  • You do not need to change banks
  • From home, without travel or save colar
  • Fast loans from 4000 to 15000 euros
  • Entity highly recognized by consumers

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